Wonderful Crochet Placemat Pattern

If you like crochet and are thinking of possible ways to decorate your home this Christmas, know that the crochet placemat is an excellent idea for it! Crochet Placemat is a piece that complements the decor of the dining table with sophistication, beauty and elegance. You may know this piece by the name of sousplat, a term originating in France and meaning “under the plate”. This already indicates where the piece should be placed, serving as a base or support for the plate and cutlery sets on more complete and refined tables.

The crochet placemat has the advantage of being able to be washed in case of a small accident at the table, just put it in the washing machine and presto, it will be new again. Another positive point for crochet placemat is the diversity of models that are found and that you can make yourself, including combining with other items of the same material.

You can choose from fuller dots, taller, stiffer or colorful placemat to get away from the basics. As it is a piece that we use under the plate, the idea is that its dimensions are larger than the plates so that the crochet placemat can appear and make the table even more beautiful.

Crochet placemat is a great way for you to determine seating at the table, taking into account how many people will be eating and getting everything organized beforehand. It can even have details such as crochet beak flowers to make it even more beautiful!

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: FaveCrafts

Crochet Placemats Patterns

You can make a single color crochet placemat. The colors that we most use in Christmas are red or green, in addition to the different shades of both. But nothing prevents you from letting your creativity flow and betting on other colors as well, such as white. You can think of Christmas placemat in colors: green and red; green white and red; green, white and gold; black and red; red and white; among many others.

Another placemat pattern that super matches the Christmas night is the one with golden edges. It is worth mentioning that the golden thread at the ends makes this item much more elegant and sophisticated.

See the patterns FREE our team selected for you. We hope you enjoy!

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