Crochet Christmas Tree – Free Pattern

Hello everyone! Christmas is already knocking on our door. A few more days and this magical atmosphere becomes even more magical. I must confess that it is one of my favorite times. I love the feeling that comes over everyone. The decorated houses and streets make every day special.

If you’re here with us, it’s because you also like crafts and we’re excited to share what’s coming next. There’s no way around the theme of December, Christmas. Thinking about an item that can be used to make your home even more beautiful, we present you the Crochet Christmas Tree.

A simple model to make, that pattern for an afternoon and with few materials. The most different material that you may not have at home is foam cone. This is what defines the size of your Christmas tree. If you don’t find the measurements specified in the pattern, some crochet changes will have to be made.

Crochet Christmas Tree Pattern – Oombawka

At first glance, the tree appears to be made up of layers positioned one above the other. But not. Here the crochet is done in a spiral, with decreasing stitches. This is what it does to this effect, so that it is not straight and fits perfectly into the cone.

It is a simple pattern, possible to be crocheted by those with experience and those just starting out. There’s no secret. Read and understand the pattern, this should be the first step. Then look at the materials, buy what you need and only then start crocheting.

It’s important to understand the abbreviations and, if any of the stitches are new to you, try doing it for the first time. For the crochet christmas tree you will need a single color, plus the star detail. If you want to personalize it, you can add glitter, Christmas balls and make everything even more enchanting.

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