Mini Advent Tree Calendar – Crochet Pattern

Ho Ho Ho, welcome to All Day Crochet. We are in a festive mood, after all, we are closer to Christmas. In a few days the year will also end and here we go for a new challenge. Now is the moment we take to reflect on everything we have done, the teachings and the joys we have had.

At this time we give gifts to loved ones and take the opportunity to make our home even more decorated. When we make crafts, we have even more cool ideas and we want to start right away. And here’s an idea you’ll love. The mini advent tree calendar is a charming pattern, all crocheted.

Do you already know this technique? We always vary the techniques, but crochet is the vast majority here at all day. This technique is very old and is becoming increasingly popular. Before we said it was a pastime for older people. Today we see all generations crocheting.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Winding Road Crochet

Crocheting stimulates reasoning, motor coordination and creativity. There are many patterns that we can develop and you will see how addictive it is. Once you learn to crochet, you will never be able to sit in front of the TV again without a needle and yarn in hand. Here at least it is like that.

Another tradition, this one for Christmas, is the advent calendar. With him we count the days until this special date. In this tree, you add decorated buttons with each passing day. Tickets with activities described like more traditional calendars don’t fit here, but you can invent a game according to the button. Use all your imagination and ask the children for help too, they will love it. The Christmas tree can be made with different shades of green, perfect for using leftover yarn that you may have lying around. So, shall we crochet? See you again here soon.

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