Lotus Flower Blanket – Free Pattern

Hello my loves! We show up here again and, suddenly, it’s October. Did you miss us? We were already looking forward to coming back here and talking with you, sharing new ideas and exchanging experiences. Wanting to make a new crochet blanket? Stay with us to learn the Lotus Flower Blanket. This blanket is amazing, with very beautiful and open stitches, with a colorful yarn, you have the same effect as the pattern.

A colorful blanket, suitable for decorating the environment or snuggling up on cool days. The yarn chosen brought a lot of charm to the piece. To get that colorful effect, choose a similar yarn. You can see the options available in the store and ask an attendant for help. The stitch is very beautiful and in a single color blanket, it will also look amazing. If you are just starting to crochet, we recommend using lighter yarns, so you can see the stitch and correct something if you need to.

Remember that different yarns bring different results. The yield of your yarn also depends on the crochet hook you use. Always see the recommendation on the package on the ball, it is a good option for those who are starting and have many doubts. The Lotus Flower Blanket is a beautiful piece to decorate your living room, your bedroom. Combine with pillows of similar colors and make the environment even more cozy.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Hooked by Robin

But you can adapt it to other parts too. A rug looks amazing with this stitch. With a little creativity and practice, many new ideas will emerge, we are sure. The pattern that we separated, in addition to the step-by-step description, has the video tutorial. Watch the full video for the first time if this is your preferred way of learning. Then separate the materials you need and finally start crocheting.

You can enjoy it and do it together, checking if everything is ok. Did you like this idea? It’s a colorful pattern, because of the yarn chosen, with beautiful stitches and full of details. You can check the step by step in Hooked by Robin. If you have any doubts, count on our team to help you. Enjoy the comments box and leave your doubts, opinions and suggestions. For now, let’s crochet!?

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