Crochet Wedding Dress – Free Pattern

Have you ever thought about making a crochet wedding dress? If not, check out this Crochet Wedding Dress pattern and change your mind. For many, the crochet technique is an older thing, grandma stuff. But we are here to show that this is now behind us, that crochet has arrived for everyone. Crochet is a very charming craft that, for many, is seen as therapy.

If you’re looking to start a new technique, this one is perfect because you don’t need a lot of materials to make beautiful pieces. Furthermore, it is a versatile technique. You will be able to make rugs, blankets, caps, scarves, a multitude of pieces. And clothes for everyone, babies, fathers, mothers, children. Sometimes you will need more than one crochet hook.

They have different numbers and vary according to the yarn you are going to use, the stitch and the desired result. But they are not expensive and for starters, choose the yarn you want to use to make the dress, and see the number indicated on the package. That already gives you an indication. From there, in the next works, you can use it and see the result.

The crochet dress is created from various flowers. By repeating the same process several times until you assemble the dress, you only need to learn one flower. See how simple it is? After the first one, just keep repeating and improve your point more and more. The flowers give a lot of delicacy to the piece. This dress doesn’t have to be just for a wedding.

If you are a godmother or have a more chic event to go to, change the color of the thread, choose one you like and make it long too. It will be a blast! The stitch pattern of this beautiful dress is available at DIYFashionHub. There you will find the video tutorial to guide you step by step.

It’s always a pleasure to welcome you here to learn new techniques, new patterns. Don’t forget to let us know what you think of the pattern and what it was like to make it. Now, let’s crochet!

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