Button Blanket – Crochet Pattern

The pattern we brought you today is the Button Blanket, a beautiful colorful blanket with decorative buttons, which gives a very special touch to the piece. This piece is made using a very interesting technique. They are identical squares that, in the end, are joined by the seam. A model that you can easily adapt to different sizes of beds, increasing or decreasing the number of squares.

The colors chosen are according to your preference. If you choose to make the whole piece in one color, vary the tones. When sewing, you can make a beautiful gradient design on the piece. If you want to make the whole piece colorful, it will look very wonderful and cheerful too. Your creativity can also be in the choice of buttons. On blankets for kids, animal print buttons can be a great option that they will love.

To make a 140cm x 160cm blanket, you will need to make 108 squares and sew approximately 88 buttons. It may seem like a lot, I know, but when you do the first ones, you’ll find they’re quick to make. A tip that we give you is to always carry a ball of thread and a needle in your bag. In moments of waiting, in the car ride, in transport you can crochet, take advantage of this time to distract yourself and evolve in crafts.

Button Blanket

Button Blanket Pattern

Before starting to make the blanket, gather all the materials you will need: thread, needle and buttons. Check that you already have them all at your disposal, you will avoid that rush to the craft store. Let’s learn some abbreviations that you will need to understand the pattern:

  • beg: beginning
  • bphdc: back post half double crochet
  • ch: chain
  • ch1-sp(s): chain space(s)
  • tr: treble crochet
  • dc: double crochet
  • hdc: half double crochet
  • hdc2tog: two half double crochet stitches worked together over two stitches
  • sc: single crochet
  • ss: slip stitch
  • st(s): stitch(es)
  • popcorn: 5dc in indicated st, remove hook from working loop, insert hook through first dc, return working loop to hook, pull loop through first dc, ch1.
  • beg-popcorn: ch2, 4dc in indicated st, remove hook from working loop, insert hook through top of ch2, return working loop to hook, pull loop through first top of ch2, ch1.
  • PLT: Pull Loop Through. After completing the stitch, remove hook from working loop, insert hook through indicated stitch, return working loop to hook, pull working loop through the stitch.
  • *…; repeat from * 2 more times: Repeat the instruction, starting at * and ending at ; the indicated number of times.

At Its all in a nutshell Crochet you can find all the pattern available for FREE. You will see that they provide the video tutorial to help you step by step. We hope you love it as much as we do!

Squares – Button Blanket

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