Summer Dress Crochet Pattern

Crochet is definitely on the rise. Never have croppeds, bikinis, blouses and dresses made fron this material been so successful. Whether short, midi or long, the crochet dress is a guaranteed sucess. Even brides like the softness and fit of the pieces to wear on the big day. Ideal for a more tidy occasion, to wear at parties or events, the crochet dress is elegante and carries a lot of sensuality. It can also be used with a flat sandals for a walk outdoors or a bar at night with friends on the beach.

The dress can be short or long sleeved. The lining, which is under the piece, can also be long or medium. In the Upper part, deep necklines, canoe, gypsy or ruffles. No matter the model, it’s allways a grace!

White Crochet Summer Dress

If you are a bride that are looking for a more fluid and less traditional look, crochet is a great option. The model is perfect for day and outdoor weddings. It’s a model that mixes sensuality, sweetness and romanticism.

To further along the silhouette, wear the model with high heels, Wheter it’s a closed model or a sandal, it’s for sure success. But don’t limit yourself. A very street sneaker is excelente with urban models and even a nice boot can be perfect if you seek Harmony in colors, fabrics and textures.

Before you start the dress, you need to make a pattern. This is necessary to calculate all the parameters.

White Summer Dress – Pattern

To crochet this dress you’re gonna needo to do two ripple patterns.A simple one, which consists of single crochet and double crochet. This first pattern gives a smooth wavy canvas.

The second one is a little more complicated, because when we crocheting we use hard stitches, back post single crochet. This pattern creates a relief wavy pattern. Check the pattern here

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