Larksfoot Blanket Crochet Pattern

Crochet time, come make the Larksfoot Blanket with us. It is one of the most popular items and you can easily find it in homes. This is true for a number of reasons, mainly because this is a cheap product, being possible to do it at home with just a few items. It is also very versatile, with many uses. If you’re new to this craft, don’t be intimidated. This pattern is not difficult and you will be able to make a beautiful piece.

This piece can be decorative. It is possible to give the sofa a totally different face. This is a cheap and smart alternative if you want to hide rips and stains that you may have in the fabric, something very common in sofas and armchairs. You can make this blanket very colorful, if you like all items in your home to have joy as their trademark.

As it is a handmade piece, the colors are not defined. You can use the lines that you like the most. Colored, a single color in different shades, with or without a border. There are many details that you can change and make the piece more personalized. The range of lines is also very large. More rustic lines, fluffier, with shine. A multitude of options for you to use in this pattern and have a wonderful and charming piece.

Larksfoot Blanket

Larksfoot Blanket Pattern

It is very common to use abbreviations in patterns. Here at the post you will find the ones that are in this blanket. Better to learn before starting to crochet. The blanket doesn’t require much skill, it’s easy level. To avoid doubts during the process, read and understand the pattern to follow without problems.


  • Approx = Approximately;
  • Beg = Beginning;
  • Ch = Chain(s);
  • Cont = Continue(ity);
  • Dc = Double crochet;
  • Pat = Pattern;
  • Rep = Repeat;
  • RS = Right side;
  • Sp(s) = Space(s);
  • Yoh = Yarn over hook.

When you finish the pattern, you will have a 117 x 147.5 cm (46″ x 58″) fluffy and fluffy blanket. Check the PDF pattern in Yarnspirations.

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