Crochet Kitchen Towels for Christmas

The crochet edge finishes the pieces, such as rugs or tablecloths or bath towels, with perfection. No different, the crochet tip on kitchen towels grants a prettier and more charming finish to the model. The crochet details can be themed or not. In both situations, it will add a lot of value, beauty and personality to your piece.

The Christmas kitchen towel is used to light up the kitchen with themed and fun prints in the month of December. This handcrafted piece can be made at home. Christmas is approaching and, with it, the desire to leave the house with an incredible decoration. Every corner of the residence deserves special attention. In addition to decorating the kitchen, the kitchen towel is also a great souvenir option to give friends and family on this special date.

You can create patterns using Santa’s beard as the inspiration for crocheting edge. A great tip to start making and selling towards the end of the year, this type of craft has a very large output and will surely win over your customers. With this pattern that our team brought you, having to constantly pick up towels from the floor and wash them because they slipped off the oven handle will not be a problem. This crochet kitchen towel hangs and adds a special touch to your kitchen.

Snowman Kitchen Towel – A Crocheted Simplicity

Materials for the Snowman Kitchen Towel

To do this handcraft, all you’ll need:

  • Yarn white, black, red, orange and dark pine green
  • Crochet Hooks: J/10/6.00mm; H/8/5.0mm; G/6/4.00mm
  • Scissors
  • Yarn Needle
  • (2) 18mm Black Safety Eyes – optional

Start separating all the material, reading and understanding the pattern FREE.

In relation to yarn, cotton is the ideal fiber for kitchen towels and crochet cloths, as it is the most absorbent. There are several yarns perfect for this job. To match the snowman, see the other ideas we’ve brought you.

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