Bubble Bee Dress and Hat – Patterns Free

Here you can see beautiful models of children’s dresses and hats in crochet and learn a little more about this craft that never goes out of style! The children’s crochet dress is on the rise, with models for the youngest ones and for the girls a little bigger. Full of charm and style, these dresses come in different colors, models and details.

In addition, as it is a handcrafted piece, the crochet dress brings delicacy and romanticism to the look. Those who work with crochet know how well garments have a good outlet, and also the importance of always innovate and look for different inspirations.

Crochet is an ancient art, which gives a vintage feel to the look, always in fashion. This craft that is passed from generation to generation transmits to the piece something that goes far beyond the clothes themselves. As it is handmade, it is made with care. Someone put in the time and effort to make it, that’s why crochet becomes so special. It is common for a crochet dress to kept for years to be worn by all the girls in the family, as an heirloom.

Bumble Bee Dress

The crochet dress is a classic piece in the female children’s wardrobe. It never goes out of style and leaves the girl always looking good. It can be used in various occasions and places, it all depends on the style of the dress, the choice of the line, the outfit and the stitches used. It’s amazing the variety of crochet children’s dress that exist today and that can be made. You just need a little creativity to invent different models of crochet dresses. The main models used in a children’s crochet dress are the trapezium, with strappy or sleeves.

Choosing the Right Line for the Dress

Before making the dress, you should choose which is the best line. The natural thread is indicated for summer dresses and for not give your child allergies. Also be aware that choosing the line can hide or highlight the effect of the stitch and pattern. Therefore, you should always combine the chosen crochet stitch with the thread.

If you choose a more exuberant and eye-catching line, the dress pattern and crochet stitch should be more basic. Now, if the line is a simple line, you can use a more elaborate stitches so they will gain more prominence.

You can crochet the entire dress using just one thread color. The grace of this style is due to the models and types of stitches used. A one-piece piece is always elegant. You can combine two or more colors get different effects on dresses, such ruffles and stripes.

Check the patterns available from Ravelry and use your skills to create amazing models!

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