Daisy Chain Block – Free Pattern

Hello sweeties! It is with great pleasure that we welcome you here once again, so that together, we can learn new patterns of handcrafts. We hope your week is being wonderful to continue creating beautiful pieces, let’s learn how to make the Daisy Chain Block. We always recommend the blocks to anyone starting to sew. Because of its smaller pattern, you can handle it more easily and use less fabric.

For many people, finishing the piece is an incentive, it shows that you are capable and it inspires you to make new pieces. If you’re as anxious as I am, I recommend you start with blocks. But they are for everyone, beginner or experienced. You can find many uses for blocks. You can use them as a pillow cover, with home decor items, centerpieces.

Using strips or more than one block together, you can create table runners, quilts, a multitude of options. As for the colors and combinations, it’s up to each one’s preference. If you already know where you are going to put it, take the opportunity to match the colors that are already in the decoration of the environment. It is normal to be in doubt when it comes to combining prints and colors.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Flamingo Toes

You can choose the main pattern and, from there, choose the colors to complete the block. First make all the cutouts needed to assemble the block. Assemble the design before you start sewing so you have an idea of ​​what it will look like in the end. If all the colors match and you like it, it’s time to start sewing. This way you can also check if any cutouts are missing before sewing.

The daisy chain block pattern is available from Flamingo Toes. All information is described and the video tutorial available guides you step by step for assembly and sewing. So, what did you think? Tell us here in the comments and also leave suggestions of what you want to learn. We’re keeping an eye on everything and soon, we’re back with another pattern to teach you. Now, let’s quilt!

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