Tea Set Dreamy Day – Free Pattern

Hey everyone, welcome to our craft universe. You already know, but I always like to reinforce it. Here at All Day Crochet you won’t find a single technique. There are patterns for all tastes. Anyone who likes to sew will find ideas here. Those who like to crochet will also see beautiful pieces. And I’m very happy to share all of this with you.

Today we’re going nostalgic. I found a pattern that reminded me a lot of my childhood. I started crocheting when I learned from my mother. When I was little, my mother made some models for me to play with my dolls. One of them was the Dreamy Days Tea Set. Yes, a tea set made entirely in crochet.

It’s the cutest thing, right, perfect for giving to little ones, godchildren, nephews. It can also be an option for you who sell handmade pieces. Items for children, clothing or toys, are always a big hit because they are interactive and encourage little ones to spend less time in front of screens.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Ravelry

In the pattern you will find all the instructions to complete the entire kit. Each round comes with a description of the stitches and quantities. At the end of the pattern there is the meaning of each abbreviation, don’t panic. Therefore, in all patterns we have to read them in full and then start crocheting.

Always work through both loops of each st unless stated otherwise. To have the complete kit you need to make the teapot, creamer, sugar bowl, spoons, cups, and saucers. And yes, they are all complete in the pattern. I think this is one of the most incredible patterns we brought here. Take advantage of all the tips, they can be useful in other pieces too. Everything we learn is forever. Let’s crochet, and see you again soon!

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