Granny Crochet Christmas Baubles

Hello Christmas! Welcome to the most colorful and adorable season. Here you will find many patterns that will help you with decoration, gift ideas and items to sell and guarantee extra income this year. We want to inspire you in the final stretch of this year, showing you the countless possibilities that crafts give us.

Do you also feel happier around the end of the year holidays? I must confess that I love Christmas, it’s my favorite holiday by far. We can decorate our home even more, inside and outside. The streets become more colorful and cheerful with the lights and the spirit of kindness becomes more evident in people.

Granny Crochet Christmas Baubles – Free Pattern

I like to give my loved ones gifts with pieces I made that will be useful to them. Thinking that you can also share this feeling, I want to show you the Granny Crochet Christmas Baubles. Yes, they are Christmas balls made of crochet, and with the design that we know so much, granny squares.

Let’s talk about the necessary materials? Since we’re talking about a colorful pattern, if you have some yarn lying around, you might not even need to buy more. The combinations are your choice, but you can follow the pattern too.

As for the baubles, you can use the cheapest ones you find, covering the colors you won’t use in this year’s decoration. It’s interesting to reuse the materials we have.

It is important to pay attention to the size of the baubles you will choose to follow the step by step. Changes may be necessary, but don’t worry. The pattern is very detailed, with instructions for increasing and which rounds should be doubled in each case. You can put together colorful kits to sell too. This season can be very profitable, if that is your intention. So, let’s crochet? We’ll be back soon.

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