Fluffy Meringue Stitch Blanket

Crochet blanket it’s a popular and cheap item, easy to do and versatile. It can be use to decor the couch, the bed and the kids’ room. Can also help the kid to sleep because the material it’s very soft and confy. To decor the bed, you can do this in two ways: with just a strip at the base of the bed or by stretching the blanket completely.

A single bed asks for a blanket of smaller measures, while a double bed asks for a large crochet blanket. You can also harmonize the color of the blanket with de decoration of the room.

Fluffy Blanket for Babies

For the baby, they need to be done with soft and warm materials. Don’t forget to check if the wool is antiallergic.

It’s good to remember that the yarn thickness determines the crochet hook size. Generally it works like this: thick thread with thick needle and fine thread with a fine needle.

All your gonna need is:

  • String
  • Crochet Hook
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape

First you need to measure the thread according to the size of the crochet blanket desired;

Attach the thread to the needle as a false stitch;


Make chain stitches until you reach the desired width for the crochet blanket;

When you reach the end, make three more stitches;

Raise the needle and start making high stitches on the top of the chain stitches;

After covering the row of chains with the high stitches, start the row with low stitches to give length to the blanket;

Continue until you have a total of six rows of low points;

Repeat steps until the desired size;

Finish with high stitch and then cut the excess thread.

Check the pattern of meringue point here.

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