Crochet Bag 146-13 Jude – Free Pattern

Hi everybody! The pattern that we are going to learn today is the one we never have too much of. Crochet bags are pieces that are present in our daily lives, and we are sure you will want to have this model too. The Jude Crochet Bag 146-13 is a smaller model, perfect for everyday use and carrying just the basics. It’s a bag to be worn on the shoulder, cross-body. Crochet bags are classic pieces, made by many artisans for a long time.

With the popularization of this technique, new models appeared. Special and new models that bring more modernity to crochet. This bag is one of those, a square model full of details and delicacy. The special detail of the bag is on account of the graduating flower, full of delicacy and charm in all the petals. If you still don’t have and haven’t had any crochet bag, this is your chance.

The pattern is not difficult to make. For being a model less, you can finish the bag on the weekend. You already have a new piece to match your look. Bags are part of the look, they make all the difference. That’s why we have bags of different colors. This is also the case, choose the yarn color that best suits you. Classic colors are great options, brown, beige, black, gray. They are classic bags that you combine with many pieces.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Drops Designs

The vibrant colors are also beautiful, bringing all the highlight to the piece. This bag can be a beautiful option to gift a dear friend. There’s no one who doesn’t fall in love and be happy to receive a gift like this. If you sell the pieces you make, we are sure you will have many orders. Crochet Bag 146-13 Jude pattern is available at Drops Designs.

In addition to the detailed step-by-step, you will have access to the stock market chart. It’s easier to see some points and be able to complete the pattern. Let us know what you think, we are very happy to read your feedback. Don’t forget that we are here to help. Anyone who crochets already knows that we need three basic materials to crochet: yarn, crochet hook and scissors. Read the pattern for the first time, separate the materials and let’s crochet!

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