Lucky Star Quilt – Free Pattern

If you like to sew like I do, you will fall in love with this pattern. The Lucky Star Quilt is that piece you must have. Classic, colorful and matches many decorations, everything we want. Quilts are wonderful for us to snuggle up to at the end of the day, during a movie, reading a book. They are perfect in decoration too, whether in the bedroom, on the bed, or in the living room, on the sofa or in an armchair.

These vibrant colors make all the difference in decoration, convey joy to the environment. If you want, the pattern also looks beautiful in pastel tones, perfect for the baby’s room. Quilts are a great gift option and, if you want to sell, they are a great option. When you get started, read all the instructions before you start.

To help avoid mistakes down the line, always read the complete cutting instructions before you begin. Cut out the larger shapes before turning to the smaller ones. If you accidentally miscut a larger shape, it’s usually possible to cut a smaller shape out of that oops piece. If the colors are too dark, the fabrics may bleed too much ink.

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To prevent this, you can wash the fabrics before you start making the cuts. Don’t forget to iron the fabrics, this will help you when cutting and sewing the pattern. The complete pattern is available at . There you will have access to the amount of fabric of each color, the step by step of the cuts and sewing.

If you still don’t feel confident sewing, start with blocks and then quilt. I recommend you read the pattern first, to get a good idea of ​​what the process will be like. If there is no doubt, go ahead, make your quilt. To improve at something, we need to train. So don’t be afraid, get to work. I’m sure it will be a hit just like the other pieces you make. We are here to help you and bring you more and more inspiration. Shall we sew? Time to make your quilt!

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