Magic Carpet Edge Pattern

Hi my loves, welcome to All Day Crochet. I missed you this first month of the year. I was tidying things up here and organizing myself so I could share the patterns you asked for. There are so many cool ideas that it’s hard to narrow down. But that’s not a problem, I prefer to bring a lot of stuff so you can choose as you wish. Every year that begins comes full of resolutions and new goals.

I hope that continuing to make beautiful handicrafts is among your goals. I know that sometimes, in the rush of everyday life, it is difficult to maintain practice, but our advice remains the same as last year. Practice is the only way to evolve. And for starters, how about learning Magic Capet Edge? If you’ve been crocheting for a while, you know that the edge makes all the difference.

Whether on a rug, a tea towel, a blanket, it makes it more beautiful, gives it a different touch and makes the work even more special. Here we will learn two types of finishing for the crochet pieces. You can choose to add special elements like tassels or for hanging your work like a tapestry.

Magic Carpet Edge Pattern – Every Trick on the Hook

In addition to giving the model a more delicate look, this method is ideal for those who are starting to enter the world of crochet, as you can learn and practice the most used stitches in this art. As the rug can be used almost anywhere in the house, the crochet rug nozzle can be used in any room you want. The crochet nozzle for the rug makes the decor even more beautiful and can be done by combining the colors with the rest of the decor in the room.

Including, the crochet beak kitchen rug is one of the most sought after models to compose beautiful decorations. In addition to being an amazing way to customize your piece, you can use those yarns left over from another project. There is no waste here, we can and should use everything. If you don’t have a rug, here at All Day you will find several models and this border can complement and make everything even more beautiful.

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