Sparkling Holiday Table Runner Pattern

Hello All Day Followers, welcome to our world of crafts. We have reached the final stretch of the year, just over a month to reach the most magical time, Christmas. But preparations always start beforehand, after all we need to decorate our home and spread this feeling around.

The table is one of the places where magic happens, where the family gets together and creates beautiful memories. That’s why we always decorate it in the best possible way and the table runner plays an important role. With that in mind, we want to teach you how to make the Sparkling Holiday Table Runner. A beautiful piece, with golden details that will enhance your decor.

You can use the table rail during meals at a set table, or when the furniture is not in use, just as a decorative centerpiece. It can be used both vertically, to delimit seats and each guest’s dishes, and horizontally, a more traditional use. It is easily added to the table composition at more elegant events, even lunch with friends. Both in indoor and outdoor events, as long as it suits the decor of the environment.

In the pattern, the fabric measurements are provided to have a table runner of approximately 86½” x 15″. But as tables vary in size, you can easily adapt it by increasing or decreasing the measurements.

Full Pattern – Sew 4 Home

We recommend not being afraid to combine pieces. Always opt for an item in a stronger tone and one in a simpler, lighter tone, so they become complements to the table decoration and the event itself.

Combining the table runner with the set used to serve your guests or with the flower arrangement used on the table and in the home decor itself can be a great way to make the piece more connected to the entire decor of the room.

So, let’s put the pattern into practice? You will find the instructions in Sew 4 Home. List of materials, step by step and tips are there, but feel free to chat with us here in the comments.

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