Snow Crystals Quilt – Free Pattern

Hi my loves! Good to see you here again. We are very happy to have your company and this interaction between us allows us to learn more and more. We hope you also feel this exchange and enjoy our company. Thinking about bringing you a beautiful craft, let’s share the Snow Crystals Quilt. This pattern is very beautiful and the amount of designs we can assemble with different colors and prints is incredible.

Quilts are so useful and very versatile. You must have already seen the quilts on the beds, they give a different view to the room, make the environment more cozy and tidy. But not only in the bedroom, they make a big difference in the living room too. Some people like to cover the sofa with the quilt, protecting the furniture or hiding any stains or rips. It can be in a corner of the room, in the armchair, in a basket.

The quilt always makes the place more cozy, more inviting and gives a much more cheerful and modern air to the environment. In the pattern, the highlight color chosen by the designer is blue. Several shades complement each other and prints with the same color make the pattern even more incredible. The snow crystals pattern was made to be placed on the wall, decorating the environment in a different way.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: All People Quilt

It’s another idea that you can also use in place of a painting, for example, at the end of a hallway, in the entrance hall. I’m sure that when you do you’ll have several ideas and you’ll put them into practice. This pattern is also made in blocks. Need to increase? Make more blocks. Need a smaller size? Decrease the ledge blocks. And if you want to try different colors, make new combinations and rock.

The complete pattern is available at All People Quilt, with measurements, fabric suggestions, step-by-step cutting and sewing. The most amazing thing about these quilts is that each block can be used for another project. Soon, by learning new patterns, you will create new combinations. Did you like it? Let us know here in the comments. It’s a great option to gift to dear friends, to sell and earn extra at the end of the month or to decorate your home. Read the pattern, separate the materials and let’s quilt!


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