Red Velvet Table Runner

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Let’s talk about Christmas? There’s no way not to think about the decoration of our table. This is where we will have many special moments with important people. With that in mind, the Red Velvet Table Runner can be present on your table, making everything even more Christmassy.

It’s a very simple pattern, but it adds a charming touch to meals. Christmas table runners are a very practical and versatile decoration item, which give an air of sophistication and care in just a few minutes. This item can be used on your table for Christmas dinner in different shapes, colors, models and formats.

Do you already know how to set up the Christmas table? No? We have some tips here and we want to share them with you. To start planning your table set for Christmas dinner, you need to think about some aspects even before decorating so that, in addition to being beautiful, your table is functional and accommodates all guests comfortably.

Velvet Table Runner – Bre Pea

Think about the number of guests, the shape of your table, whether the dinner will be served outdoors or indoors and whether the food will be on the table or on a buffet sideboard. Having this information makes it easier to start assembling and planning the number of items you can have.

The table runner has great importance on the table setting, but it is not the only decoration. Take the opportunity to use sousplat, napkins, candles. Let your imagination flow and surprise your guests with the beautiful red velvet table runner.

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