Swell Christmas Quilt – Free Pattern

Hi dear colleagues, welcome to All Day. We are in the end of the year mood and you already know, Christmas influences us at this time. If you don’t crochet and are looking for a sewing pattern for Christmas, now is your time. Christmas quilts also have their place and are quite popular at this time of year. That’s why we want to share a new pattern with you.

The Swell Christmas Pattern is incredible, colorful and with all the joy that this holiday calls for. And as it couldn’t be left out, the highlight of this piece is Santa Claus in the corner of the quilt. It looks incredible. If it’s going to be difficult for you, don’t worry. We have a secret to tell you. Santa Claus is a cut from another fabric. So you don’t need to do it.

Of course it’s totally possible to do it too, but it will take a lot more work and these instructions are not available in this pattern. In the Swell Christmas quilt the idea is to make things easier. Spend more instructions and time on the blocks that make up the quilt and finish by attaching a finished Santa Claus. The directions are for fusing and machine appliqué.

Swell Christmas Quilt Pattern

There are two types of blocks you will make, called pattern A and B. You will need to make thirteen of each to have a quilt measuring approximately 56″ x 70″. It’s a perfect size to decorate your living room, leave it on the sofa so you can cuddle up on Christmas Eve or in the morning, during the gift exchange.

I like this idea, keeping the pieces I make present while creating beautiful memories. So, shall we start sewing? All instructions are very detailed and you can return to the pattern whenever you have any questions. As there are only two block models, you will quickly get the hang of it and assemble it faster and faster. Come check out the pattern available at Fat Quarter Shop.

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