Yesterday Quilt – Free Pattern

Hi my darlings! Shall we learn another beautiful pattern? It’s always great to have you here to share experiences and beautiful crafts together. Today we are going to sew, learn how to make a beautiful quilt that will win everyone’s heart. Yesterday Quilt is very charming, comes with many details full of delicacy and lots of love.

Each heart makes a different combination of the prints used in the quilt. It may seem difficult because of this, but once you manage to assemble the first heart, you will quickly understand and easily complete the quilt. It’s built in blocks, so you can do it little by little, one block a day. The important thing is to always practice cutting and sewing, you can easily notice your evolution.

We learned to keep the seam straight and the cuts as well. We learned to save fabric too, it all comes with practice. There are twelve beautiful hearts that together form a quilt measuring 113.67cm x 145.42cm. Quilt forming from blocks are easy to change the size, just increase or decrease the number of blocks.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Free Spirit Fabrics

So you can change the quilt for all bed sizes, from single beds to king size. Quilts are very versatile, you don’t need to use them only on beds. It can decorate the room, the external environments. As for colors and prints, choose the ones that suit you best and match the environment. Yesterday quilt pattern is available from Free spirit Fabrics. The step by step, sizes, fabric suggestions, colors and prints.

We hope you can enjoy this quilt, learn from all the details and maybe create new pieces from the models presented here. Don’t forget to let us know how it went, we’d love to hear from you. Be very proud of everything you do, our pieces are unique and full of love. Now let’s sew, separate all the necessary materials and let’s quilt!

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